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1. Archive items manually – Microsoft Support

Archive items manually · In Outlook 2013: Click File > Info > Cleanup Tools > Archive. Archive · In Outlook 2016: Click File > Info > Tools > Clean up old items. Read more

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2. How to Archive Emails in a Microsoft Outlook Inbox

11 Jun 2020 — 1. Select the email in your inbox that you want to archive. 2. Click the “Archive” button located along the top menu bar of your inbox … Read more

3. How to Archive Emails in Outlook – MakeUseOf

4 Feb 2021 — Head over to and log in to your email account. · Click the folder on the left where your emails are located. · Select the emails you’d … Read more

4. 5 Steps to Archive Emails and Keep Outlook Running Strong

Right click on the On My Computer heading at the bottom of your folder list and choose New Folder. Name the folder Archived Mail or something else that’s easily … Read more

5. How to Access Archived Emails in Outlook – Lifewire

23 Apr 2022 — If you have an Outlook Online email account, the archive folder is available online. … Select the arrow next to Folders to expand the Outlook … Read more

6. How to archive Outlook email to your hard drive

To archive all folders just choose “Mailbox – ” and check “Include subfolders” box. If desired a person could choose to export only messages that have the word … Read more

7. Archive your email to an online archive folder – IT Services

Ensure when you open your outlook client you can locate your online archive folder · Drag and drop mail to Archive Folder · Select the mail you wish to move to … Read more

9. How to access archived emails in Outlook? – ExtendOffice

If you have opened the archived .pst file already in Microsoft Outlook, just shift to the Mail view, and then click to open the Archives folder or its … Read more

10. Archive Items in Outlook – Knowledgebase

Archive items in Outlook manually · Do one of the following: · Click the Archive this folder and all subfolders option, and choose the folder you want to archive. Read more

11. Using Office 365 online archiving and retention policies

Features of the Online Archive mailbox — An archive mailbox is a specialised mailbox that appears alongside the user’s primary mailbox folders in Outlook, … Read more

12. How to Archive emails & other items in Outlook 2016?

18 Aug 2021 — Method 1: Archive Emails Manually · Choose the folders for archiving. · You can select the date of the emails you want to archive. · Provide the … Read more

13. The Mysterious Archive Button in Microsoft Outlook – MailStore

13 May 2020 — So what does the button actually do? Basically, it enables you to move an email from your inbox to an archive folder, that’s still part of your … Read more

14. How to check your Outlook auto-archive settings, do manual …

Viewing or recovering archived email — 3. Viewing or recovering archived email. In Outlook, open the File menu tab and click on Open. Click Open Outlook … Read more

15. How to archive in Outlook automatically or manually

9 Nov 2016 — Outlook Archive (and AutoArchive) moves older email, task and calendar items to an archive folder, which is stored in another location on your … Read more

16. Outlook Online Archive for Office 365 Explained – LazyAdmin

17 May 2022 — Every Outlook mailbox comes with an Archive folder. Users can move emails to their archive folder to clean up their inbox or use the Archive … Read more

17. Outlook Email Archiving

Exchange Online Archiving offers users advanced archiving capabilities with the archive mailbox feature. An archive mailbox is a specialized mailbox that … Read more

18. FAQ: How to archive emails in Outlook? | OCIO

From the Home tab, click New Items -> More Items -> Outlook Data File…. · Specify whether the archive to store (e.g. D:email_archive). And provide a file name … Read more

19. How to View Archived Emails On Outlook

Retrieving an older message in Microsoft Outlook often requires burrowing into your mail archives. Outlook uses archives to store older messages when you … Read more

20. How to Archive email in Outlook 2010

28 Nov 2016 — To learn more about AutoArchive or Archiving in general, see Use AutoArchive to back up or delete items. The location of the archive Outlook … Read more

21. Move archived mail from a .pst file to your Microsoft 365 …

Create a folder in your Outlook mailbox for the archived emails · On the left menu in Outlook, in your folder list, right-click on your work email address (or … Read more

22. Setting up Auto Archive in Outlook | Technical Support Services

AutoArchive takes the oldest items and moves them to a PST file on your hard drive to free up space in the mailbox. The AutoArchive feature can also help people … Read more

23. How to archive emails in Outlook – Heliocentrix

6 Sept 2021 — How to send Outlook emails to your archive folder manually … When you open an email you’ll see an Archive button in the top menubar: Simply … Read more

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