Counseling Education Phd Programs

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1. Counselor Education, PhD in Educational Studies

The doctorate program prepares counselors and scholars for leadership positions in the counseling profession. You’ll gain the skills to teach and train … Read more

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2. Counseling and Counselor Education, Ph.D.

The doctoral degree in Counseling and Counselor of Education prepares graduates to be change agents that advocate for equity and integrity in counseling and … Read more

3. Doctoral degree (Ph.D.) – Counselor Education

Doctoral students complete coursework, a doctoral clinical practicum, a counselor education internship including writing, teaching, and supervision, and conduct … Read more

4. Ph.D. | The University of New Orleans

The Counselor Education Graduate Program offers a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree. The Ph.D. degree prepares its graduates for faculty and research … Read more

5. Ph.D. in Counseling and Counselor Education

The mission of the CED PhD program is to educate doctoral students to be scholars and stewards of the counseling profession. In this full-time, cohort-based … Read more

6. Ph.D. – Counselor Education | W&M School of Education

The CACREP-accredited doctoral program in Counselor Education is designed to evaluate the theory and practice of counseling through quantitative and … Read more

7. Counselor Education, Ph.D. – College of Education

Graduates of the program are often sought after for faculty positions in higher education. You might teach in counselor education programs, combining your … Read more

8. Ph.D. Counselor Education and Supervision Concentration

19 Nov 2020 — The Ph.D. in Education’s Counselor Education and Supervision concentration is a CACREP-accredited doctoral program and is a 52-credit hour … Read more

9. Ph.D. in Counselor Education

Completing a Ph.D. in Counselor Education prepares the student for a professional career as faculty members, administrators, private practitioners, researchers, … Read more

10. Online Ph.D. in Counselor Education & Supervision (CACREP)

The Doctorate of Philosophy in Counselor Education and Supervision at Adams State University prepares graduates to work as counselor educators, supervisors, … Read more

11. Doctorate of Philosophy in Counselor Education & Supervision

15 Jan 2022 — CES doctoral students seek to improve their scholarly, instructional, clinical, and research skills to acquire advanced training in counselor … Read more

12. Ph.D. Counselor Education & Supervision | Duquesne University

This CACREP-accredited Ph.D. Counselor Education & Supervision program prepares graduates to acquire faculty positions and assume leadership positions in … Read more

13. Counselor Education Doctoral Degree

The Ph.D. program, accredited by CACREP (Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs), prepares students to work as counselor … Read more

14. Education (PhD) – Counselor Education Degree | UCF …

The CACREP Accredited Counselor Education track in the Education PhD program is designed specifically for those who wish to pursue careers as counselor … Read more

15. PhD in Counselor Education

In addition to taking courses through the Program in Counselor Education (designated as BCE), students take courses offered by affiliated programs including: … Read more

16. Online PhD in Counselor Education & Supervision

A PhD in counselor education is a doctoral degree that equips counseling professionals to teach in higher education classrooms. You’ll learn the theory and … Read more

17. Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision

Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education and Supervision · Degree Plan. The program is structured to take a total of three years to complete, with two years … Read more

18. Counseling (PhD) – Montclair State University

The PhD in Counseling program provides an exciting and life-changing experience for individuals who desire to attain the next level in the counseling profession … Read more

19. Counseling (Education, Ph.D.) – Old Dominion University

The Ph.D. in Education with a concentration in Counseling is intended to prepare professional counselors to provide leadership in the profession of … Read more

20. Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision

With a Ph.D. in Counselor Education & Supervision, you’ll be qualified to work as a counselor educator in colleges and universities or as a leader in … Read more

21. COE: PhD: Counseling – College of Education

The Ph.D. program in counseling is based on a researcher practitioner model; it is primarily designed to train researchers, scholars, academicians, and highly … Read more

22. Counselor Education & Supervision (PhD) – UTSA Admissions

This PhD program is intended to prepare professionals for careers in research, academic and clinical settings. Graduates will work in counselor education … Read more

23. Ph.D. in Counselor Education & Supervision – Adler University

The Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education and Supervision is a 60-credit hour program. As part of the program, students will complete a clinical practicum … Read more

24. Doctoral Program | Kent State University

For students with an acceptable master’s degree in counseling, full-time doctoral study in the Counselor Education and Supervision … Read more

25. Counselor Education: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

The doctoral program in counselor education has the specific purpose of developing counselor educators who are prepared to be skillful teachers, … Read more

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